UBNT AirFiber AF-24HD, 2Gbps + Backhaul, 24GHz (price per piece)

Product SKU : UAF24HD

UBNT AirFiber AF-24HD, 2Gbps + Backhaul, 24GHz (price per piece)


 The Ubiquiti airFiber AF-24-HD radio is designed for 24 GHz free bandwidth up to 2 Gbps at 256QAM maximum modulation .

The AirFiber is equipped with 2 independent parabolic 2x2 MIMO antennas with different gains, helping to use the link over a longer distance than conventional single antenna systems.

The connection can be operated in 2 modes: FDD ( Frequency Division Duplex ) and HDD ( Hybrid Division Duplex ), and thanks to these modes, they achieve high speed and spectral efficiency.

The HDD system offers low latency of FDD systems and the spectral efficiency of TDD systems.


For trouble-free monitoring and setup, Ethernet ports are provided in Drive 2 , one for management only and one for data + management.


Wireless features:


Sensitivity [dBm]: -87

EIRP [dBm]: 33 (FCC / IC), 20 (CE)

Frequency range [MHz]: 24050 - 24250

Isolation between connectors [dB]: 28

Maximum Modulation: 256QAM

Polarization: VH

Pre-Ratio [dB]: 70

Channel Width [MHz]: 100

Baud rate - 24GHz [Mb / s]: 1024

Encryption: WPA2 AES

Vyzař. azimuth angle (-6dB) [°]: 3.5

Vyzař. angle in elevation plane (-6dB) [°]: 3.5

Antenna gain [dBi]: Tx = 33, Rx = 40

Physical characteristics


Wind resistance [km / h]: 200

Radom: Yes

Designed for mast of diameter [mm]: 30 to 100

Operating temperature [° C]: -40 to 55

Weight [g]: 17300

Depth [mm]: 370

Width [mm]: 593

Height [mm]: 768

Connectors and interfaces


LAN Speed: (1) 10/100 / 1000Mbps + (1) 10 / 100Mbps (managment)

GPS module: Yes

Other: RJ-12 - measuring tone port

Power supply


Max. power consumption [W]: 50

Power over PoE: 42 .. 58V DC



Operating system: airOS F

Default IP Address:

Default Name and Password: ubnt / ubnt