iPhone 4 Wireless Charger

iPhone 4 Wireless Charger
Product SKU : 4GIPKIT-4

New Wireless Charger for iPhone 4 4G (Also Compatible with Other Electronic Devices)

  • Meet the future of device charging:Wireless.
  • Completely Safe, Fully compatible, revolutionary... that is how the new WIRELESS CHARGER charging technology is being described.
  • It is never been easier to charge your iPhone or ipod.
  • Simply connect the receiver to your device and slide it into the protective case and you are ready to go.
  • When your device needs charging, just set it down on the charging mat... that`s it! NO plugging in, NO dangling cords, NO hassle.
  • The Wireless Charger Mobile phone charging system comes with everything you need... no extras to buy!
  • This is the charging station you always dream of One cord, one plate& one place to charge your iPhone.
  • Get your desk organized, No more tangling and mess.
  • It uses magnetic induction to transfer power to your devices quickly, efficiently and cordlessly.
  • Users simply need to plug an electric outlet into the plate.
  • Equip the device with a magnetic receiver case.
  • And place the device on the PowerPlate surface to start charging.
  • Slim and sleek design,Quiet charging.
  • Very convenient for using at home, travel or office.
  • Comes with On/Off switch and a LED indicator.
  • When charging the the LED light will show red and auto-turn to green after the charge is complete.
  • Different power adopter plug will be sent out according to the country in your shipping address .
  • Comes with durable receiver case .Also can act as a protector for your Phone.


  • Adapter: AC input 100-240V,50-60HZ,DC out 12V /1.25A
  • Wireless Charger voltage and current: 5V/ 500mA
  • Wireless Charger frequency: 125KHz
  • Charger Time: only Power Station 2 hr More for iPHONE 4G3G/2G
  • Charger Physical Dimension: 170mm(L)x84mm(W)x5mm(T)
  • Recieve Cover:130mm(L)x70mm(W)x16mm(T)
  • Packing Weight and Dimension: 450g 200mm(L)x113mm(W)x95mm(T)
  • Working temperature:0-50°C (32-122°F)
  • Humidity:45-95%RH

Package includes:

  • 1 x PowerPlate Wireless Induction Charger Pad
  • 1 x Receiver Case
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x English and Spainish user manual